Preschool games

Hopscotch is basically a giant calculator, right?

This week on the No Small Matter Vlog, we're continuing our summer STEM series with a demonstration of how you can use a classic childhood game — hopscotch — to teach addition and subtraction. Watch as Rachel and some of her students try this lesson for preschool math out.

The basics? When you think about it ... drawing a hopscotch grid is like drawing a giant calculator! So put it to use. A teacher or a parent can call out a number, and have a child jump to that number. Then call out one more, and they jump there. Here's the trickiest part — adding those two numbers together and then jumping to the sum! It's fun, engages a group, and helps preschool-aged learners think fast by adding in their heads or on their fingers.

Give it a try before the summer's through!