Bug Activities for Preschoolers

For some, bugs are: CREEPY. CRAWLY. ICKY. 

But, they are everywhere! And bug play is a great way for preschool age children to explore nature right in their own back yards. So Rachel invited her friend and former co-teacher Tracy to join her for a quick tutorial on how you can use bugs in a preschool setting - with and without having to get too up close and personal with your new insect friends.

Rachel and Tracy get down with two different kinds of bugs: Bess Beetles and Tobacco Horn Worms, which Rachel acquired from a great company that can send you bugs that are native to your local habitat.

Some great tips for working with bugs:

  •  Break out a magnifying glass to look at the bugs details and build vocabulary (it's green, it has a tail, etc.)
  • Think up fictional stories about the bugs' lives
  • Let the children do research on the bugs and report back to you as bug experts
  • And so much more! 


P.S. Looking for bug "sources"? Here are a few websites Rachel has bought from in the past: