You got to your what?

You finally made it to your destination. You survived the traveling part, but now what? Tring to find inexpensive, fun, family-friendly activities on vacation can be a stress all on its own. Here are some tips passed to me from family and friends that are guaranteed to insure a stress-free extrusion.

  • Go to the library. I know this doesn’t sound like a hot tourist destination, but it is a MUST when traveling with kids. Think about it. They’re free, they’re filled with families and locals you can ask about things to do and see. Plus, you might make some new friends. A friend of mine visited a library with her children on a trip to Costa Rica. Her daughter ended up playing with another girl. The moms got to talking, next thing you know the family invited my friend to their beach house for a playdate. Not saying this will happen to you but you never know. In any case the library has computers you can use to look up or print out materials Also, there’s usually a children’s area so the little ones will be entertained. It’s a win win!
  • Hit up local museums. As a MASSIVE museum fan, it is the first place I visit. Do research before you go. Find out about rotating exhibitions, hours, price, and accessibility. Always check to see if they have a stroller policy. That way you know if you have to travel light. Also, check to see if they offer a city pass. Most major cities offer a pass where you get into multiple museums for a huge discounted price.
  • Take public transportation as much as possible. It’s often cheaper than renting a car and it is a TON of fun for the little ones. Think about it, kids are obsessed with trains and buses. It’s more than a ride to them, it is an adventure. If you decide to take the public transportation, see if the city has an app. That way you can plan your trip out ahead of time and be updated on schedules and delays.
  • You know what’s free and awesome…parks! It is a great pre-nap, post-dinner activity. The little ones will get out ALL their energy and you can burn some calories too. When you are at the library make sure you pull up a list of local parks. The local park district often includes different amenities at each location. Try to find one with bathrooms and water fountains.
  • Create a scavenger hunt. A great time to do this is when you are traveling to your destination. It doesn’t have to be city specific either. It will keep little ones engaged, excited, and energized. Print out the hunt provided. Make sure to add your own objects too!
  • When in doubt, Google. Google is your best friend. If for some reason you have exhausted all the items on the list, simply look up local attractions.

Happy travels!! If you have your own tips please share them in the comments below!

                                                                                    -Ms. Giannini