Turkey Day Fun!!! Gobble Gobble

It’s Thanksgiving and you maybe looking for activities to keep your little one engaged, active, and possible out of the kitchen. Here are some tips and tricks for your kiddo this turkey day.

Have a lot of guests? Have just a few? Never hurts to have a place setting. Have your little artist create place cards with crayon, paint, anything. It will keep them engaged and be adorable.

While you’re at it make some placemats. Same deal: grab some supplies and get your little one engaged. You can even encourage them to draw the guest who will be sitting there. It will be a fun game later…..”Guess Who”

Want to work on math? Have the little ones set the table. Have them work on one-to-one correspondence by counting the utensils and plates outload as they help out.      

Having a kids table? Make some playdough and use it as a centerpiece. They will be entertained for hours and its edible if they eat it. It’s not particularly yummy, but it’s safe.

Have some time that morning? Print up some turkey bingo sheetsIt will keep the kids busy the entire day. Winner gets to do the dishes……or maybe the first piece of pie.

Have a safe and happy turkey day everyone!

                                                                        Mrs. Giannini