Summer Science for Preschoolers: Discovering Shadows

We have a riddle for you:

What gets bigger... 
and smaller? 
What goes to bed at night...
and wakes up every morning? 
A shadow!  

Exploring the wonders of shadows with your kids this summer can be a fun way to teach them about planets. The concept of shadows can sometimes be a little difficult for kids to grasp, so why not take them outside for a some hands on experience? All you’ll need is some sun, chalk, and friends! Then..

1. Pick a place to draw the shadow and a stance you’re willing to hold for a little bit
2. Mark your feet with X’s
3. Have the kids trace your shadow with dark chalk
4. Come back every two hours
5. Stand in the same spot as the X’s
6. Retrace your shadow to see how it’s changed! 

Then take some time to ask the kids what happened. How has the shadow changed? Is it shorter? Taller? How could this have happened? And give the kids the opportunity to ask questions, too. Get them thinking about the world around them and planets other than the one they live on to teach them just how amazing science can be!