Winter Blues Getting You Down?

Ah, the winter blues. It’s real. The time between winter and spring break can feel like a lifetime. It’s often too cold to venture out, the children are going bonkers with pent up energy and your patience may be running thin.

No worries! Check out these links to help you hold off cabin fever.

  •  Go outside! Play is the best way to boost your energy and your spirits. Check out these 20 tips for what you can do with your little ones. 
  •  Too cold to go out? Bring snow in! Put snow in the water table along with eye droppers, watercolors, measuring cups and spoons. I’ve seen children engage in the table for nearly an hour so don’t forget to have them use their gloves. 
  • No snow? Check out the “Think Outside the Box” spot. It provides all sorts of fun things you can use in the sensory table. 
  • Start a big project! This should be number one as noting makes time go by quicker than when meaningful, in depth exploration is happening. Check out the blog next week for tips on how to start a multi-week investigation.
  • Dance. Dance a lot! The Yellow Room personal favorite is Koo Koo Kangaroo. If you don’t know them yet, be prepared for your mind to be blown. Amazing!!
  • Start doing yoga with your little learners. It is a great way to start the day or to re-center before a rug time.

These are just a few tips to help contain the crazy. Add what works for your class in the comments below.

                                                            -Ms. Giannini