6 Things You Should Never Say to a Preschool Teacher

Rachel shares six things you should never say to a preschool teacher - watch for a fun look at the life of an early childhood educator.

Does your babysitter create curriculum? Does your babysitter take anecdotal notes about your child’s play and then develop full themes based on it?
— Rachel Giannini

Do preschool teachers need a degree? Aren’t they just a glorified babysitter? Isn’t it nice having the summer off? These are just a few questions preschool teachers get all the time.

Preschool teachers shape the country’s future. They can take care of 19 kids at once. They may or may not have their own kids, and probably juggle another job. You might have a lot of great questions you've always wanted to ask a preschool teacher -- and you should! --  but here are 6 questions to avoid:

  • Do you need a degree to do this?
  • You're basically a babysitter, right?
  • If you love kids so much, why don't you have any of your own?
  • It must be really nice to have the summer off...
  • If you really cared about kids, you wouldn't care about the salary. 
  • Doesn't it get tiring watching kids all day?

Early childhood educators, keep the conversation going. What questions do you get about teaching that really grind your gears? Tell us in the comments section below.