Preschool Games

Superhero Play for Preschoolers

Call it superhero play, power play, rough and tumble play - whatever you call it, this kind of play is often banned in schools and discouraged at home. But, it can be developmentally appropriate, and teaches kids all kinds of things about flexibility, adaptation, strategy, and emotions. Watch for tips from Rachel (and a demonstration with her friend Cory!) about how you can (safely) encourage power play at home and in the ECE classroom.

What does power play for preschoolers look like? It can be anything from kicking, to play hitting, to battling, to chasing. And here are just some of the reasons why it helps kids grow:

  • It practices negotiation - how to be dominant, how to be submissive
  • Kids learn what acceptable rough and tumble play looks like
  • It builds trust between kids, and between kids and adults

Just make sure to play in a wide open space - and when someone says stop, STOP! 

Play hard, have fun, and be safe y'all!