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Candy Candy Candy

Trick-or-treating is a scary good time….but you know what would make it better? Turning the sweet candy haul into a fun math lesson!! 

Summer Science Series: Teach the Elements Using Bubbles

Who knew that bubbles could provide an awesome STEAM and (or STEM, your pick!) learning activity for preschool aged-kids? They're a great way to learn about the elements, specifically, how gases work. Watch as Rachel walks some of her former preschool students through play and learning with bubbles.

What are gases, anyway? How do you teach something you can't see? 

But wait! You CAN see gases when you know where to look — when they're trapped in a soap bubble! Our team of little learners explores how we breathe gases in and out, using the fun of bubbles as a guide. Watch and share ideas you've used to teach young learners about gases in the comments.