Bring No Small Matter to your community!


All screening licenses come with a download of the film and a Digital Screening Kit to help plan and promote your event.

Educational License: $500 - share the film privately with your classes / training sessions in perpetuity
Screening License: $300 - screen the film once for your community
35-45 min. versions: $150 - screen one of the shorter version of No Small Matter at one event.
10-15 min. modules: $50 - screen one of our modules at your event. TOPICS INCLUDE: Brain Science & Toxic Stress, Child Care, The Economic Argument for Early Ed., Investing in Quality, The Military Perspective, The Opportunity Gap, and Executive Function
Host a speaker: Want to host one of the filmmaker’s or featured teacher, Rachel Giannini? Contact us for a quote.

After your first purchase, you’ll receive a discount code for 50% OFF on all additional screenings.

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